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Our Beers

This is our collection of beers, brewed to perfection...

Enigma 9%

Say hello to Enigma, our mysterious Double IPA. Brewed with five different malts, four different hops, and a healthy dose of brown sugar, Enigma is the strongest beer on our list. Surprisingly dry, it’s a high-intensity brew that will puzzle your pallet. You'll just have to drink one to understand.

Beatnik 4.2%

Beatnik is an American blonde ale that took a trip to Europe and figured it would start wearing a beret every day. Brewed from Belgian, Canadian and German malts and French Hops then fermented with Belgian yeast, Beatnik is a worldly yet unpretentious beer. Malty and light, this is the perfect companion for long days, late nights and deep conversations.

Revolver 6.4%

Revolver is a single-hopped, stronger than average American Red Ale with an extra explosion of fresh bitterness. We use Columbus for the bittering, aroma, flavor and dry hop for a bust of flavor. You won’t find another beer like Revolver, get it before gone.

RYEm or Reason 6.2%

RYEm or Reason is an American rye pale ale with a clean blast of hops to make a great, drinkable beer for any occasion. This beer is well paired with a nice juicy steak and spicy foods. RYEm or Reason is dry hopped with Cascade for a fresh, hoppy finish that results in a perfectly balanced beer

Houblon d'Or 4.8%

Houblon d’Or is a sensational golden hue. A Belgian pale ale that has been hopped exclusively with Czech Saaz for an earthy, grassy hop finish. This beer is one of our staff favorites. It’s light, refreshing and extremely easy to drink.

Hansel 5%

Hansel is a light German hefeweizen with a strong dose of wheat malt. Golden in color and completely sessionable, Hansel will lure you with its gorgeous head and sensational aroma. Subtle notes of banana can be detected. Pairs well with sunshine.

Dubbel Standaard

Dubbel Standaard is a fancy Belgian dubbel. It’s glamorous red hue and lingering sweetness might trick you into thinking it lacks strength. Be warned -- it does not. Dubbel Standaard is a perfect ale for early autumn sipping. Notes of clove can be detected in its alluring aroma.

Burn The Witch 8.7%

This devilish weizenbock is stronger than it appears and is the third installment in our Hansel and Gretel beer series. This is one is a wicked ale with notes of banana and dates. This beer is so strong you should consider leaving a trail of bread crumbs in case you forget your way home.

Drifter in the Dark 4.7%

And then perhaps in love you'll stay
Or fall and go your separate ways
Still searchin' for a spark
Like a drifter in the dark

Gretel 5.7%

Gretel is German.
Gretel is like a chocolate covered banana.
Gretel will make you say "Das schmeckt gut!" (translation: "That tastes good!")

Bat Country 5.4%

Bat Country is a completely unique brown ale made from Chilean malts and New Zealand hops. It's light bodied yet roasty, toasty and fully of character. You've never drank a beer quite like this.

Also, did you know that the bad is the only land mammal native to New Zealand?

"What? No. We can't stop here. This is bat country."

Bridgman Bitter 5.9%

Bridgman Bitter is a local favorite. Our ESB recipe includes 100 pounds of British Crystal malt with plentiful additions of Target and East Kent Golding Hops. It’s a brilliantly balanced ale designed and brewed for you right here in Bridgman!

Saison Satori 4.4%

Spicy, mystical and ambrosial, this is our interpretation of a flavorful French farmhouse ale. Brewed with spices, orange blossom honey and French hops.

Reactor IPA 7%

This dry-hopped American IPA is brewed for those hopheads that appreciate the finer flavors in life. We use a blend of Chinook, Columbus and Cascade to present you with a bitter IPA that finishes with a citrusy aroma. We love drinking this beer and we know you will too! Hopheads Unite!

Skipjack Pale Ale 7.2%

Skipjack is a Pacific Pale Ale hopped with Warrior and Nelson Sauvin hops. This beer harnesses its energy from both sides of the Pacific Ocean for a strong, wonderfully hop forward Pale Ale.

Chocola Java Stout 8%

A dark American stout that has it all. Four malts, roasted barley and flaked oats--that’s just the beginning! Then we drop in the rich Belgian chocolate and cold-brewed locally roasted coffee. The resulting beer is rich, dark and aromatic, perfect for any time of year. It’s one of our house favorites!

ALTerNATEr 4.2%

This Dusseldorf style altbier is inspired by our German brewing brothers and sisters. Its brown maltiness with just a hint of hops is perfect for a spring day. Delicate, delicious, and undeniably drinkable, Dusseldorf ALT is one of the smoothest beers we’ve ever tried.

Peck’s Robust Porter 6.5%

Nate's robust porter recipe incorporates British malts and hops creating a rich and dark flavorful porter with a hint of sweetness. The beer is so good he put his name on it!

Summer Haze 4.5%

Light, refreshing, and redolent, Summer Haze is the perfect beer for a sunny day. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful, hazy, unfiltered wheat appearance, and the delicious head of foam on top. Before your first sip, take a moment to smell this beer. You can detect the subtle presence of orange peel and spices. Now take a sip and enjoy some Summer Haze.

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